Terms of Services

By viewing this site, you agree to the terms of service contained in it, and every conditions attached to it. Therefore, you must read, agree, and accept all of statement terms without any disagreement. The terms of this site contains an agreement which constitutes your cooperation and acceptance of its terms and to be bounded why it. The terms of services are very important, because it will be useful in the event of a conflict or a disagreement during service provision and other site transactions.

These terms according to the laws applicable can be amended without prior notice to you and other site users.  Any modification to this terms or agreement will take effect when updated on the site, except it is otherwise stated. Therefore you continuous use of the site’s services after any effective amendment or modification indicates your acceptance to it terms.

With the above information, you understand that you agree to be bound by the terms by using the site services. If by disagreement you do not accept these terms in its entirety, you may not be able to have access to the full service of the site. The goal of this site is to deliver quality service at every possible cost to everyone that wants the service. In order to achieve this goal, you have to agree to the following:

  1. You will give me permission to have access to your website, thereby enabling me carry out the services that will improve your site’s presence. You will also permit me to use your name, your content, your information so as to be enhanced by me for effective outcome and proper functioning.
  2. You will give me total access and make your contents readable to me, and I assure you that, I do not give your website name or contents to advertisers or Google without your full approval.
  3. You understand that I only attend to you when you have made an offer, and it is active.

Also few more things are, if delays in project completion may be due to following reason:

  1. There is a delay in any payments.
  2. The client requests further work, including changes in the scope, number of tasks, structure, or content of the project.
  3. The client purchases an additional service related to the project.
  4. There is a delay in the receipt of any materials from the client.

Time frame estimates are approximate only and are subject to change at any time at V-Shine InfoTech discretion, also update you prier for any time frame change.