How To Increase Facebook Likes

1 Facebook Likes How To Increase Facebook Likes
Facebook has a millions of user and rapidly growing market. Best for your business website or blog traffic, daily lots of visitors online on facebook and looking for useful information. This is a best way to get more and more buyers to your business or lots of users for your blog.

Today, here I am going to share with you my experience of getting lots of traffic to your facebook page.

  1. Find a popular page of your niche and ask them to share your post and we will also do the same for them in return.
  2. If you have any other social media accounts like Twitter or Google Plus, tell your followers on these accounts that you are also available on facebook by a simple post saying “We are also available on facebook, like us their too” (You can use your words, this is just a sample.) followed by your FB page URL and screenshot of your FB page as a image of this post.
  3. Start a contest and give a something free way to your readers.
  4. Create 2 facebook pages of same niche and share same post on both pages. This way Google and FB also give weightage to your post and reader will think post content is valuable.
  5. Sometimes share any other website content or any other FB page post to your timeline that way you sending traffic to other website or FB page but that way you gaining likes because reader thought you are regular sharing interesting content.
  6. Put images or series of images with your post will attract but more people than a post without image. But image must be post topic related.
  7. Sometime readers want just a different stuff than regular daily posts; you can make some pictures like funny jocks type and share them on your facebook timeline as a post or share some quotes with images like nature etc. This type of image/post goes viral fast then other posts. But make sure these funny joke images are related to your niche.
  8. Videos are viral faster than regular posts, if possible try to make videos related to your niche and post them on your facebook page.
  9. One more thing, already viral videos or images also get traffic to your facebook page and get little likes too. But carefully share only your niche related viral videos or images and also sometime they have copyright too. So, be careful sharing others video or image on your post.
  10. Last but not least, facebook ads. Run a facebook ads campaign for sure increase your traffic. But it will require some budget (amount). Later I will discuss this concept in detail.

Most important thing never leaves your niche while doing anything to get more likes on your facebook page. This is a key of getting regular increased traffic to your FB page; off course to your website also.

Do you have another way to get more likes on FB page? Please share!!!

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